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My Soul, Heart, Mind, and Body are busy in Trading.

I Trade on a regular basis but it isn’t my profession. Instead, I love teaching it more than doing it alone, so you also trade and make money wisely. But before I got into teaching it, I myself learned it on a complex routine for the last 4 years, So I can defend myself on what I am teaching you.

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This isn’t me,

Hi, I am Raaz Aryan, A Pro Investor, Amateur Trader, and an avid learner with over 4+ years of Experience in the Stock Market.

I am not someone who came from a Finance background, instead, I learned all this stuff myself, something from Online Courses, something from YouTube, something from my mentor, and a lot more from my own Trades.

When I first Started Trading, it looked Easy so I made a Trade, and yeah, it gave me a shock when I traded out-of-the-money options and lost all the capital on the fourth day after my Trade was Executed/Thursday.

After this, I started learning and without making a single trade for almost 8 months, I just kept learning from different sources, and finally, after 8 months I executed a trade, and made a profit ( 0.4% of my capital) of Rs. 24. Yeah it only 24 rupees, but I made it logically, and from that day, I didn’t make a mistake. I lost money in some of the trades, but not (Emotionally, or from Fear) it’s from my wrong Calculations, and Execution timings and, I still working on it and learning to make it more perfect.

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